Affordable 2D animation And stunning CGI VFX for keeping costs DOWN & creativity UP.

Affordable 3D animation And stunning CGI VFX for keeping costs DOWN & creativity UP.



Reliable shoot crews, skilful editors, plucky drone flyboys and girls (with ACTUAL licenses); great people wanting to work for us; overseen creatively by

 THE KNOCK  production management - bringing home great work on time & within budget (what a novel idea).


Dinosaurs to Aliens, Black Holes to Virgins, cars to spaceships; we've been building stuff for years that looks real, using only CADs and drawings for many years.

  THE KNOCK  production management are all over sexy CGI, FX and graphics for decades keeping corporate, TV, features & commercial clients happy.


 THE KNOCK  production team have earned their spurs over (ERRR HEMM)

20 years of form - producing impressive 2D & 3D animation for corporate, commercials, TV & feature films.

So, we can embark on pretty much anything for you.


 To quote Franky 4 Fingers we have "...stones to sell, fat to chew and many different men to see about many different dogs" - creatively speakin'.

We use great people to write classy copy for scripts and screenplays

and are well known for content consulting and production.

We can also arrange events, website design, AR, VR, Broadcast (inc live studio/Facebook/YouTube etc) & social media marketing - if you ask us nicely.

If you were from the mid-nineties you might say that 

 THE KNOCK  is a One Stop Shop production studio

(we prefer this to "holistic" - but each to their own). 



"Mr. Watson. Come here, I want to see you" ...

 MARK: +44 774 770 2703  

    Nerve Centres: 

   satellite meeting places (PRIVATE clubs & HOSTELRIES): LONDON 

  home offices: brighton  & THE Garden of England: KENT

( In case you cared, those are the first words muttered on the telephone by its inventor - Thomas Edison

 we ain'T that sociaL BUT ...   

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While imbibin' American "alcohol" pop during a Champions League "sarrcer ball" brunch at the very agreeable Black Horse battle-cruiser in Brooklyn - the bar-keep drops a couple more 'britneys' on the table while the landlord raps his knuckles three times.

"What's all this about?" Mark asks his colonial friend Nick. "It's called THE KNOCK" was his jibber-jabber.

"If you drink enough in NYC and the Manager likes you 

he gets in another round - on the house."

At THE KNOCK we still consider this to be one of the most civilised things in the world.